Poppy-Jane Lindsey




‘Binding Prodigality’

An piece made to visualise statistics contrasting spending traits of the western and third world.


Poppy is part of the SaltFox collective and has recently graduated from Contemporary Crafts at Falmouth University. As well as enjoying making, she is part of Tate Collective and as part of the group she helps organise events aimed at young people as a way of allowing them to engage with art.


Setting up for the evenings music and tours


Giving tours to young people

In the summer 2012 she took part in a nationwide programme ‘Plus Tate’, aiming to link youth groups associated with galleries together to learn and share ideas. She is particularly interested in the way museums and galleries can be used to encourage informal learning and how the stigma of a museum is potentially limiting its ability to do this, something she researched and discussed in her dissertation.

Poppy was also involved in Appledore Arts Festival 2012 with the rest of SaltFox, delivering and participating in workshops and helping to ensure the festival ran as smoothly as possible. She also took part in ‘City of Lights 2011’ participating in both the making of large scale lanterns as part of a team of craftspeople and helping children at a local school with their individual lanterns. She also has recently taken part in the Falmouth ‘Paint the Town Yellow’ working with local primary school children to design window displays to celebrate the Spring festival.


New work looking at the relationship between books, traditional learning and the internet.




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