creative workshop leaders from cornwall working in schools

Salt Fox Craft Collective

Salt fox is a collective of nine international designer-makers and sculptors. They are all practicing makers working with a broad range of materials and processes. They share the aim and passion to advocate creativity through making.

Salt Fox deliver creative art and design workshops at a variety of levels to local communities, schools and private parties. Sharing our enthusiasm for making and lust for collaboration.

The Salt foxes:

Anna Brimley – Metal Smith and Jewellery maker
Natalie Collins – Sculptural Ceramic Artist
Carys Evans – Sculptural Ceramic Artist
Laima Grigone – Mixed Media Artist
Poppy-Jane Lindsey – Paper Artist
Corin Nesbit – Concrete and Ceramic Artist
Katherine Postlethwaite – Glass and concrete Artist
Presiana Shisheva – Glass sculptor
Lizzie Simpson – Experimental Ceramic Artist

The collective first came together in a rather windy field in North Devon. In-between cooking watery porridge and rolling down hills we provided our first creative workshops. We hosted free clay and screen printing workshops to any willing participants at ‘Appledore Arts Festival’ in North Devon.

If you wish to contact us regarding workshops or about our work please email us at Liz@craftbritain.co.uk


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