Lizzie Simpson

ceramics using the laser cutter
Lizzie is a Designer-Maker, with an experimental approach to ceramics, having developed new process which combines digital technology and traditional hand-building techniques.

As much as we’re expected to somehow portray a degree of seriousness in our work she is unwilling to grow up and accept this, instead she’ll pretend.

As well as a keen ceramicist she also draws and paints day to day things on her blog:

grandmas buying ipad illustration editorial by lizzie simpson

Illustration of my Grandma and Great aunt shopping for their new Ipads

She also promotes and surports British crafters through her website: (Which she should probably update more often) and her Twitter Account (which she should probably update less.)

During Appledore Arts Festival Lizzie organised and ran a free community Screen printing workshop. Using the town as inspiration, Children where encouraged to contribute to our collaborative bunting!

She has also assisted several workshops with local schools across Cornwall with the Falmouth University Outreach team. Those include some of the following:

– Card Puppet Theatre: Year R

– Screen Printing T-shirts: Year 6

– Automator making: Year 6

– Body sculpture: Year 1

– Willow Building giant Octopus: Year 1 – 5

– Screen Printing T-shirts for Community Olympic Celebrations: Family

– Drawing workshop: Year 13

– ‘My Space’ Sketchbook and exhibition Project: Year 9 (6 Workshops)

– Boot-Up Forest School Project: Year 8-10 (Ongoing)

– Lazer cutting workshop: Year 8-10

–  Tote bag screen printing: Year 6

– Screen printing at Appledore arts festival: Family

– Screen printing t-shirts and tote bags: year 10

– Window display (paint the town yellow): Year 1 – 6

– K-College Ceramic process workshop (foundation Students)

Falmouth art workshops



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