Jane Churchill

I would be delighted to recommend the art collective SaltFoxes for any opportunity in which they wish to take up. I have worked with the group since June last year and find each individual to be not only a highly talented skilled and committed artist but also incredibly professional to work with. They have what it takes to make art successful: drive, imagination, commitment and adaptability. I have programmed their group show in the gallery I manage in Tunbridge wells – town and country foundation and trinity gallery – and have offered them a show in a years time because they are such a talented group who I believe are set to go far.

You could not wish for a more delightful group to work with and their personal skills in line with their enthusiasm saw them deliver inspiring workshops and yet again prove they have what it takes to make life as professional artists feasible. Ie flexibility, can-do attitudes, enthusiasm, hard work and a wide range of creative and business skills.

I would recommend working with any of them for they have thoroughly impressed me with their initiative and their personal skills as well as artistry.

In terms of funding they have a proven track record of using funding to make things happen and deliver successfully all they suggest they can. I believe they will continue to do so which is why I was keen to programme their inspiring work next year as an example of talent and with a desire to see them grow.

I think they have a great future. And would recommend them for development and funding. I whole heartedly think they deserve support and will do great things with any they recieve.

Jane Churchill
Visual artist
Visual arts curator/ programmer
On behalf of town and Country foundation and Trinity Gallery
Tunbridge wells.


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