Workshops at K-College

Post by Poppy Lindsey

After a busy Monday setting up our show we made an early start, again with fresh eggs and this time a banana smoothie, and travelled to Tonbridge to visit K-College.

We got a warm welcome, very cool visitors passes and a hot drink of our choice, which we drank whilst making our final tweaks to our workshops, with a sounds track of ‘flight of the Concords’! It was Nat and Carys to start the day’s activities. Nat had a range of ages to work with and after a quick ice breaking game she got them sketching a building from their imagination. They then transformed their drawings into cardboard models. At the end, the models were assembled as one brilliant collaborative sculpture, spookily similar to the work Nat produces herself!

Carys in the clay workshop asked her group to draw landscapes from their imagination, and then using a mixture of clays they brought the drawings to life as intriguing 3D sculptures.

Then it was my turn, I introduced my group to a simple book binding stitch that I use in my work. Accompanied by Anna, we took it step by step and everyone ended up with a useable book which was the intention, winner.

Meanwhile Laima run a workshop about simple kinetic automatons that use the jumping-jack mechanism. They used just pens, card, string and pins to create drawing which had elements that could be moved to reveal a hidden drawing below. Laima had brought some examples of her work, where she used this principle to illustrate the chaos theory. She also showed a lovely example made by Lizzie. In the drawing is a seemingly attractive woman in a red dress. However, when you lifted her arm with the string mechanism, her un-coiffeur underarm was revealed, or in other words – her hairy pit – shameful! The students were encouraged to reveal any kind of message- serious or funny, so we got a great mixture of results, from cancer-affected lungs to peeing dogs.

After some lunch and a nose around the foundation mid year exhibition, Lizzie started her plaster carving and porcelain button making class. The students carved a shallow pattern onto plaster slabs and pressed clay into it, leaving the impression behind. This made attractive pieces of clay, that we left to be fired.

Pres’s workshop needed all hands on deck, working with a large group to make interesting creatures from sticks, wire and old carrier bags. The students began by drawing their creatures, real or imagined. Sticks were then bound with wire to form legs, arms or even tails! The group then began to plump up the bodies of their creatures with newspaper and then cover in plastic bags. Then they took their pieces over to Laima and using the heat gun, she lightly melted the plastic, shrinking it down into the desired shape. The process was really exiting and really gave a new lease of life to the old plastic! The students really enjoyed it, many even wanted their photograph taken with their creations.

We finished the day on such a high but we were very tired indeed! Then with a quick change of clothes and with refreshed smiles, we were ready to greet the visitors to our private view at Trinity Gallery!

Thanks to Ideas Tap Top Up Fund!IdeasTap_Logo


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