The Art Collective go to Kent!

The Grand voyage to Kent – By Lizzie Simpson

So, i’ll admit, i’m a little late writing this post. Our contemporary Crafts exhibition is up, and currently on show at the Trinity Gallery in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. On top of this, our Art and Design workshops went down brilliantly at Kcollege with their art foundation students.

But how did we get from Falmouth to Kent?

Initially (with our zero budget), we thought we could all just sit on the train with our boxes of ceramics, glass, metal jewellery and paper pieces. This could’ve been plausible  until we realised that we had to bring our own plinths, and all our equipment for th

e school workshops.


After some frantic last minute editing and submitting, the lovely people at IdeasTap sent us a little funding. This induced skipping, jumping, dancing, and some rather excited high-pitched squeals. I wouldn’t say we’re a particularly girly bunch, that is until someone is happy to support us in our Community workshop adventure!

So with our little pot of funds we looked into vans, minibuses and couriers! None of which were really in our budget. So, Poppy-Jane Lindsey (our paper artist) volunteered to ship our work off in her tiny Ford KA. Such a trooper!

I’m normally a cup-half-full kind of person, but I admit I really didn’t think we’d ever get 9 plinths, 9 pieces of work, workshop equipment and two bodies in the car (alive ones of course!) Luckily we borrowed some amazing flat-pack plinths from Falmouth University!

Nat with her clipboard, directing the packing of the car couldn’t have been more efficient! Everything packed in, with a little space to spare!


Above is Pres and Anna modelling our packing skills!

So the car was packed, and the second car, (kindly driven by a good friend) was loaded up with the rest of the collective. The few stragglers, me, Corin and Carys, traveled by train.

We arrived the day before the exhibition set-up, and were more than lucky to be able to stay in a friends house which was local to the gallery! Even better, there were fresh eggs, a cat and a very enthusiastic dog! Sharing the cooking meant that we ate 3 meals a day for £3 each! (with the exception of an AMAZING buffet from Kcollege!)

workshops and tea

Having a little logistic problem on set up day with 9 Saltfoxes and 6 car spaces, me Pres and Laima hitched a lift into Tunbridge. Everyone had warned us that people in kent would never pick us up! But 5 minutes later, we were in a warm car with a jolly lady who drove us right to the door of the gallery! Once we’d all arrived we sprung into action, foolishly thinking we’d get the exhibition up in a few hours.

setting up crafts exhibition in tunbridge wells

So, now i’m just going to bombard you with photos of our set up, as I think i’ve waffled quite enough!

Serious discussions and Group curation

Serious discussions and Group curation

setting up craft exhibition in tunbridge wells

Anna and Poppy hanging

Anna and Poppy hanging

Carys and Corin being a little silly

Carys and Corin being a little silly

It was a pretty tiring day, with sandwich mix-ups and printer mishaps. But overall we all ended up feeling very happy!

Here are some photos of the exhibition before the private view:

IMG_5982 IMG_5990 grigone_trinity_2013_carys_evans_16 grigone_trinity_2013_kath_postlewaite_20 IMG_6071


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